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A very normal Union Council


How many student representatives does it take to start a new year at THS? KF, the Union Council, currently has 44 seats - and even though we missed a few chapters (namely Fria, IsB, OPEN, TBas and TT) in Nya Matsalen on Tuesday evening, the meeting promised to kick off the year with some bangers: a visit from KTH President Anders Söderholm & THS Inspektor Christer Fuglesang, elections, a 0,019hp course in economy and free food - what more could you want?

OL granskar igen: Nymble Restaurang


Why are things the way they are at Restaurang Nymble & THS Café? For almost 13 years, we’ve been asking the same questions: do THS and our members need to own their own restaurant in Nymble? Why are prices, quality and menus the way they are and which direction should the restaurant take? After all, the restaurant is here for us: the students. Osqledaren went digging for answers.

Ansvarig utgivare: Benjamin Javitz
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