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PQ fyller 65 - och går i pension?


Följ Promenad orkester och med Baletten Paletten i deras buss för en resa genom tiden, i en fartfylld, unikt och humoristisk konsert som inte går att förutsäga! Spoiler alert: PQ verkar inte finnas i framtiden!

The Price of Health


What a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sky is clear and you feel ready. It is time to grab that good old bike. The plan? Cycle until your thoughts get lost and your body gets numb. It has been a while since you last enjoyed the pleasure of exercise and quietness. Suddenly, you hear a Formula 1 sound and see an athletic cycler shouting at you from behind. Next thing you know, you are wounded and on the floor. Was that a bike or a spacecraft from NASA?

Ansvarig utgivare: Cornelia Thane
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