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Meal Replacement Review

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We tried meal replacement products from four different brands - so you don't have to!

All of these products are intended to be able to replace or supplement a normal diet, and are all vegan! Seeing as they have been growing in popularity both on campus and on the general market, we thought a taste test would be interesting.

Most often when you see these products they'll be in powder form, we elected to try the bottled versions for consistent consistencies. And with increasing avaliability, you may start seeing this product category more often.

Notably, Huel is avaliable in some supermarkets. And several companies offer discounts when you order with a continual subscription, complicating the pricing somewhat. We did not take the price in to account in the scoring.

Publicerad: 2022-04-28

Ansvarig utgivare: Benjamin Javitz
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