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Is Sustainability Sexy?

Oscar Stenström -

Oscar Stenström -

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You might have asked this question yourself already. Or at least you do now. And I am sure you are literally dying to know the completely unbiased answer. Thank God that OL has investigated whether or not a sustainability-vibe makes you sexy.

With the one most obvious method of choice being to ask an extremely qualified, objective and knowledgeable expert panel. You can find the experts’ answers below.

Till - Nahh, or I’m a bit undecided…It depends.
Jacob - Yes.
Franco - Yes.
Camilla - Yes.
Axel - *a very quick* Yes

At this point I realized that we needed some juicier content for this article (to not disappoint our editor-in-chief Benjamin) so I asked the expert panel to elaborate on their answers. If they were sober enough.

Thomas - Yes, but climate change deniers are unsexy. But if you are one of those cool nihilistic people who don’t care and are like “fuck it, everything is burning”, then that’s kinda sexy too.
Ash - Yes, but … (I forgot the motivation because we were busy taking photos)
Emma - No, you want a punk rocker who smokes, not some miserable recycling man from Södermalm. I want a real man who drives a car… or a bus.
Matilde - Yeees but it’s more that the opposite is a real turn-off: if you don’t care at all and litter and stuff

Okay, from this it is clear that if you want to be sexy you should kind of care about sustainability, but also not… and also smoke and drive a bus.

Leo - Naah, or well I kind of connect it to not showering enough. But it’s still kind of sexy. Dirty but sexy?
Ayan - Sustainability is sexy but not the mentioning of it. It's sexy when it's silent, understated. Humble even! It’s not sexy when it’s braggy at all. Kind of like men!
Roisin - What’s hotter than a man who cares enough about the world not burning to make sure that it still exists so that you make it to a second date?
Krzysztof - It's the only true kind of sexy. Natural, no plastic

Maybe one should just be very natural. In other words, not shower. But also not speak about it, to be silent and cool?

Joh - Definitely hot AF!
Shanly - Yeah it is hot. Like somebody thought about it, and came to the conclusion that we need to give up some comfort to secure our future. For the greater good of everybody *takes a sip*.
Shanly (again) - Yeah, radical solutions, go one step further! You’re like a modern Indiana Jones.

So just be like Indiana Jones.

Ester - Yes, hot.
Elias - No not automatically, some just put their efforts into the wrong things. That's not cool, that's just naive.
Josephine - Hmmm I don’t know why but it makes it sound like you don’t shower enough.
Klara - Yes.
Adrian - Yes you can touch my biceps.

Ok the biceps thing gives some new perspectives, and also that’s the second time we hear the shower thought. You as a reader should draw your own conclusions from all this, but I might try to shower some more but kind of stay silent about it. And sort of embrace the nihilistic Indiana Jones within me.

Publicerad: 2023-04-14

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