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Surviving Inflation


Remember the good times, when butter didn't cost an arm and a leg? I sure do! Everywhere you look, prices are high and it's a sore sight to see. CSN has been raised to combat the high costs of living - but even then, it’s barely enough! Just recently, it was reported by SSCO that students STILL lose about 2700 kr every month! Is there a method for surviving inflation, or are we all financially doomed?

Dancing With Delight — PQ’s Baletten Palettens 65-års Jubileum


You might know them from their striped yellow shirts and black tailcoats; or you might know them as the band with the tiger-striped bus. But did you know that it was the dance group's 65 year anniversary performance recently? And that it wasn’t actually PQ’s?

Ansvarig utgivare: Benjamin Javitz
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