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The Importance of Student Welfare

Studiemiljöansvarig | Head of Student Welfare, Amanda Mungdee -

Your wellbeing is important. During your time at KTH, it’ll be influenced by the physical and psychosocial environment at the university. It will impact your academic performance, but also how you’re flourishing as a student. We all need to invest time and effort into student welfare!

Student welfare work at THS represents all students in issues of equality, diversity and equal treatment (JML = jämlikhet, mångfald och lika villkor in Swedish), the physical and psychosocial environment and inclusion. To represent the students' voice we’re relying on the chapters and the work they’re doing - so if you have complaints about your physical and psychosocial study environment at the university, please contact your chapters’ Student Safety Representative or contact the Head of Student Welfare at THS if your chapter doesn’t have one. If you have a complaint about your chapters’ Student Safety Representative, please inform me as well!

Together we can actually make a change. Especially when it comes to inclusiveness, we have to work together more, on all levels. How inclusive are we on an individual level towards the students around us? What can my chapter, THS or KTH do to be more inclusive? A feeling of inclusion and belonging increases our wellbeing and that can help with grades, but also with how satisfied we are during this period of our lives.

Without this work KTH would not be so inclusive. It is thanks to student influence that KTH have an international reception,accessibility for students with impaired mobility or any other disability. We have come far, but we still have a lot to do. THS needs your experience and your input to make a difference!

As THS Head of Student Welfare I have two subgroups connected to my role that you can participate in. They work to improve their niche of student welfare.

Insight is very new, but growing in members. They have the goal to work as an association for KTH students with disabilities of any kind, and their long term goal is to represent FUNKA-students (students with long term disability, with compensatory support at KTH). Insight is run by two female students (Hannah Bajrami and Caroline Sorsa) that invite members to regular meetings. The meetings can be more fun and joyful with fika, board games etc. but also include more serious sessions where the members discuss and exchange experiences they’ve had at KTH. Insight makes it possible for students with disabilities to meet others with similar experiences or struggles. But Insight also welcomes students that are in the process of a diagnostic screening, and students that just want to learn more and get a better understanding.

Mental Health Days is a project group that arranges events once a year, to raise awareness about mental illness among students. Unfortunately the subgroup is resting, and there will not be any events this year. Maybe you could be the next project manager for MHD 2023? Reach out if you are interested!

Contact Information

Amanda Mungdee

08-790 98 95


Mental Health Days (mark your email with MHD)

Have you applied for compensatory support at FUNKA?

FUNKA offers compensatory support for students with disabilities

08-790 75 00

Monday-Thursday 09:00-10:00

Stockholm Student Health Services (located at Stockholm University) (general questions, no consultations/bookings)

08-790 77 00

Thursday 11:00-12:00

Publicerad: 2022-09-21

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