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Knowing where you will end up after your studies is like knowing what you will eat in a year, no one really has a clue. Many students have heard of the big companies within their area of study - but rarely know what other opportunities exist.

How do you know what opportunities are out there?

It’s actually quite simple. Make sure to attend a lot of events where you get to meet companies, and attend career fairs. Events are the perfect opportunity to see companies present themselves and let you ask them questions in a more casual environment. Companies love to meet new students and are more than happy to talk to you and answer any questions you might have, so don't be shy!

Fairs can be a little more intense and hectic, but are a great opportunity to meet lots of companies in a short space of time. Pro tip: try to meet a lot of companies, but perhaps not all of them. It's more beneficial to spend a bit more time with the ones you are most interested in. Most chapters have their own fairs and events catered towards their own students. THS also arranges fairs and events that are relevant for all KTH students. What does that mean for you? Make sure to follow both THS and your chapter to not miss out on relevant events. Something to keep in mind is that KTH has a lot of students, so if you want to be noticed it’s important to look attractive towards companies.

How to get in touch with the companies?

Take it seriously! There is no need to show up in a fancy suit at all times, but wearing sweatpants really doesn’t look good. Dress properly and take care of your hygiene, that's enough. All companies will immediately notice whether or not you care about how you present yourself, which already is the first round of filtering. With that said it is important to stand out, so how do you do that? An updated and nic

e-looking CV is a good start. View your CV as a way to present yourself, not as a boring document no one cares about. LinkedIn is also very hot right now. In addition to job offerings you have the ability to connect with people and companies. If you don't have a LinkedIn account you should create one, right now! That way you can effortlessly get in touch with lots of interesting people from different parts of the world.

Is it important to start right now?

Yes! A year or two might seem like a long time, and you might think that there is no need to be bothered right now. However, your studies and your time at KTH will fly by and all of a sudden it is time to write your thesis. By then you already want to have connections and a good grasp of what is out there. Even though there is a shortage of engineers in Sweden you will without a doubt face tough competition. Your friends and acquaintances will be invaluable at this time, so make sure to keep in touch with them - someone usually has an opportunity for you. Headhunting on LinkedIn is also very common so don't be surprised if someone tries to contact you there.

Publicerad: 2022-09-12

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