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BKW - Bygger kopplingar widare

Benjamin Javitz -

Spring is high time at KTH for career fairs: Lava, Fusion, Dagen I, Potential, Moment, MBD - and today BKW, the fair for students at the chapters Materials science (B), Chemistry (K) and Energy and Environment (W)! Osqledaren went on a quick tour and talked to the three project managers.

It can really feel like there is a career fair every week in Nymble these days, and once again students can look for summer jobs, internships, thesis spots or a big opportunity for their career. The B, K and W chapters joined forces today for their fair on 23 February. “Bygger kopplingar widare” - building links between students with similar study fields and companies in the industry.

I ran into Tina Roodani (K) and Pallavi Roy (W), the project leaders for their respective chapters, right at the entrance to Nya Matsalen and asked how the fair was going:

Pallavi: “It’s going really well”

Tina: “Yeah, it’s exceeded all of our expectations in a really good way”

Pallavi: “Surprisingly we didn't have any major hiccups!”

How many companies do you have here today and how many students are you expecting?

Tina: “I think we have about 28 companies that are out here on the floor, 29 in total. The last time we had a physical fair I think we had about 2500 students here, and I think we beat that”

Pallavi: “Yeah, we probably beat that!”

Tina: “I think we’re more actually - but that was last time, 3 years ago”

And then Christopher Hallén (B), the project leader for BKW at the Materials science chapter, joins us as well:

“I’m very satisfied. Still quite stressed - I don’t think the satisfaction will really set in until we’re done, but I think we’re gonna get there!”

Publicerad: 2023-02-24

Ansvarig utgivare: Benjamin Javitz
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