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Welcome to Stockholm, welcome to THS!

THS Ordförande | Union president, Cornelia Haag -

Vice Ordförande | Union Vice President, Karl Arthursson -

Welcome to KTH! But most importantly - welcome to THS! Many people look back on their time as a student as one of the most memorable periods of their lives. There is so much you can do along with your studies, and the possibilities almost seem endless!

The year was 1902 - students were tired of being fined 1 SEK every time they arrived late, which today is equivalent to half a litre of punsch (a very popular liqueur among students in Sweden). The students thought this was absurd and unfair, joined forces against KTH and together they managed to abolish the fine. When the students realized the power they had when they combined their efforts, THS (the student union at KTH, Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår in Swedish) was formed in order to lobby with and against KTH, something we are still doing today.

Soon after THS was founded, the need for its own premises became apparent and the process of acquiring a student union building was started. Thanks to donations, membership fees, kind teachers and not least a very gracious king, the doors to Nymble were opened in 1930. Nymble is now both owned and managed entirely by THS, which gives us fantastic opportunities. Some of the things we offer today are a cafe and a restaurant, study rooms, facilities for events, and four times a year, during the Tentapubs that celebrate the end of the exam period, Nymble is transformed into Stockholm's largest nightclub.

“The main purpose of the Tekniska Högskolans Studentkår (THS) shall be to monitor and contribute to the development of the education and the conditions for study at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. THS shall promote good cohesion and fellowship among the students at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.”

- The purpose of THS, from our statutes

In addition to being a place where students meet and have fun together, THS also works to improve education at KTH and reminds the university to consider the students' perspective, which is, after all, our main mission. This is done across all levels, including through feedback from individual students, student representatives in meetings with the different schools at KTH, and students that take a break from their studies to work with student influence full-time.

Some people might think that there is hardly any student life at KTH, but they couldn't be more mistaken! As soon as this autumn, you will have the chance to take part in student life at KTH with parties, student associations, spexes (student theater performances) and lots of other student activities. Both in the evenings and on weekends, the campus and our union building Nymble are filled with students doing all sorts of things. Behind all of this lies a lot of commitment from students who organise all the activities and events in their free time. Getting involved provides fantastic opportunities to meet new people and giving students these opportunities is among the most important things THS does.

You can get involved in chapters, union associations or even THS Central, which we are a part of. You also don't have to choose just one of them but rather mix, match and jump back and forth between them during your time at KTH. If you find something interesting we strongly encourage you to give it a try - the only things we regret are those we didn't try!

We hope that you will learn a lot at KTH, but also collect a lot of great memories during your time here. We would also like to wish you the best of luck! You are of course very welcome to come up and talk to us, whenever you see us around Nymble or on one of our campuses.

We are excited to meet you,

Cornelia and Karl

Publicerad: 2022-08-17

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