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THS has a new Head of Business Relations

Carl Housten -

The union board has elected Artur Amcoff, to lead the business relations at THS. OL was there to cover the election.

THS Vice Chairman, Vendela, flips a coin to choose which candidate gets to be interviewed first.

"Yes or no?" She asks, citing the unusual labels on the coin before she flips it.

The coin flip doesn't go very well, the meeting participants see the coin fly around the room a few times. Eventually, candidate "Yes" is selected.

Union board representative Adrian handles the interviews. Both candidates have excellent qualifications, with plenty of experience engaging themselves in business relations as well as other things at their chapters. They both hail from the IN-chapter at campus Kista.

After the interviews the board calls for a closed discussion, that lasts for upwards of 3 hours. Eventually, they decide to elect Artur Amcoff!

Publicerad: 2021-09-17

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