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Applying for an internship, thesis, or a first job that aligns with your interests can be daunting. At THS Future, we bring students and employers together, opening doors to a future filled with opportunities.

THS Future is the primary group for corporate relations within THS, the student union at KTH. We provide a platform for top engineering talent at KTH to connect and interact with companies. Created in 2007, originally known as Näringslivsgruppen, we rebranded to THS Future in 2016 to reflect a more international focus. We have since hosted a wide range of networking events for students to interact with companies and facilitate networking, and this year is no exception! Through our events, students can receive guidance and feedback from industry experts on how to improve their prospects to get a job, gain valuable insights into industry trends and gain new perspectives on how the corporate world operates. We aim to make networking simplified so you can get your dream job.

This spring, we have two signature events coming up with different themes: Innovation Week (March 27-31) and Green Week (May 15-17).

The first of these events is Innovation week, which will give students insight into how companies are boosting their research and development to stay competitive in the market. We will organize both lunch lectures and more non-traditional events where companies present their cutting edge innovation that makes them industry leaders and stand out from their competitors. Students will be inspired and are given insight about innovation and how research happens in the corporate world and how it differs from academic research.

The second major event is Green Week. Due to climate change and global warming, all sectors of society must adapt to become more sustainable. This is true for companies of all sizes, who all have the power to impact real change. During this three day event, students will get the chance to explore how different companies ensure sustainability and use their engineering expertise for what’s best for the planet. If you want to be a part of real change, this event is certainly for you.

Scan the QR Code to check out our website, social media, and get in touch with us to get more information about our work and the events. See you there!

Publicerad: 2023-04-19

Ansvarig utgivare: Raquel Frescia
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