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The New Speqtrum

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Speqtrum is the LGBTQ+ society at THS. They aim to provide a non-heteronormative and non-cisnormative safe space, where all sexual and romantic orientations and gender identities are equally accepted and respected. In other words, Speqtrum is for everyone! After being dormant for about a year, the group elected a new board in November – get to know them with us!

Left to right: Méline, Ioannis (president), Lokesh; Not pictured: Toto

Meline (she/her)

From: France.

Studies: Exchange student in physics & chemistry for material sciences.

Role in the board: Board member, meaning a little bit of everything! Will also be in charge of the instagram page.

Fun fact about me: I participated for 1 year in a huge LGBT feminist activism movement in France called "Collages Féminicides Paris". One night the police caught us and we went to the French Interior Ministry with the policemen because it was the nearest place for them to go. It was really fun, because as a normal citizen you're not allowed into this kind of building. It’s really interesting how, by doing activism, you can visit places you wouldn’t see otherwise.


From: Stockholm.

Studies: Computer science, third year.

Role in the board: Treasurer.

Biggest LGBTQ+ role model: Sophie Wilson, transwoman and creator of the ARM processor in the 80s. Doesn’t work on it anymore, but she basically revolutionised computing!

Ioannis (he/him)

From: Greece. Studies: Masters in Machine Learning, second year

Role in the board: President

Get to know Speqtrum through the words of Meline (M) and Toto (T):

What is Spectrum’s most important role? M: In my opinion, Speqtrum is really important for representation. There are so many LGBTQ+ people in Sweden and in the world, but if we don't meet each other, we just feel alone. And it was my feeling when I arrived in Stockholm: where are LGBTQ+ people?! Am I alone?! But no! There are some, we just have to meet! This is the most important role of Speqtrum for me: allow people to meet.

T: Creating a space for queer people!

Why does THS need an association like speqtrum?

M: The goal of associations, and of THS, is to allow students to live their student life the best they can. This means also for minorities to have a safe place for themself. Speqtrum has totally this role in KTH for LGBTQ+ people! We are arriving guys, don't worry anymore ;)

T: The world is becoming more and more accepting and open to queer people, but at the same time it’s regressing. Speqtrum is a space by and for us where we’re always welcome, no matter what.

What are your plans and hopes for the coming year?

M: For the coming year, I hope that Speqtrum will become an important association in THS and that we will be able to help LGBT students to meet.

T: We have events and recurring meetups and hangouts planned for the year! Stay tuned!!

What is your vision for Speqtrum?

M: My vision for Speqtrum is a safe place for people to spend great time together!

T: My vision is that Speqtrum becomes a hub at KTH for queer social activity where people can connect and find each other organically.

What is the biggest challenge Speqtrum will face in the coming year?

M: The biggest challenge will be to build back the Speqtrum association to do something huuuge for LBGT people. If you are interested in helping, contact us!

T: Being seen and growing our members and network. Speqtrum came reallyyy close to shutting down after the pandemic, so we need to make sure that doesn’t happen again

How do I join Speqtrum?

Publicerad: 2023-03-06

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