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NymbLAN 2023: League, Energy Drinks, and New Friendships

Laura Nilsson -

Laura Nilsson -

After a 2-year pandemic, over 100 gaming-eager students filled Nymble for NymbLAN in the middle of February. Osqledaren interviewed some of them about their experience at the LAN, energy drink consumption and interest in the famous, but controversial, League of Legends.

League of Legends, a multiplayer online battle arena game, has always been a controversial topic among the gaming community. Some players love it for its complex gameplay, diverse characters, and intense matches, while others criticize it for being toxic. Despite this, it was still a popular game among the participants at NymbLAN.

Carl (F-21), one of the participants, enjoyed the Starcraft tournament the most. However, he said that he was biased because he arranged it. Carl thinks League of Legends is alright, but he doesn’t play it as often anymore. When he plays, he plays the champion Aram. Herman (D-17), on the other hand, didn't play League of Legends at all, feeling that it was too late to start learning the game. Instead, he enjoyed the social aspect of NymbLAN and was happy to have made new friends.

Maximus, a technical preparatory year student, was particularly excited about the casting of games on the large screen in Nymble. “It feels kind of legit, it is a completely different feeling”. Maximus had multiple cans of energy drinks by his computer, which was a common sight among many participants.

Herman was enjoying a cup of tea from his chapter hall instead of an energy drink, but told us that he has drunk caffeine in multiple forms during the past evening. He stayed up until 6 AM. Carl says that he doesn’t drink a lot of energy drinks.

Overall, NymbLAN was a success, and the participants had a great time playing games, making friends, drinking almost unlimited amounts of energy drinks and enjoying the social aspect of the event. Although opinions about League of Legends were mixed, it was clear that the love for gaming brought everyone together at NymbLAN.

Publicerad: 2023-03-08

Ansvarig utgivare: Raquel Frescia
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