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Meet the Union Board

Osqledaren -

Osqledaren -

The Union Board (Kårstyrelsen) with its 8 members is the executive body of the Student Union Council (Kårfullmäktige) at THS. We asked them some important questions - find out their answers!

We met with the new Union Board at THS to ask them these 4 questions:

  • 1. Why did you apply to be in the Student Union Board?
  • 2. What is your goal for this year?
  • 3. Which of your engagements at THS and your chapter influenced you the most?
  • 4. What is your favourite event at KTH, THS or your Chapter?

Artur Amcoff, Information and Communication Technology since 2018

1. In KL (Kårledning) I was able to see the operative side of THS, now I want to work more long-term and with more strategic questions.

2. Improving communication towards all students and integrating the new Head of Sponsorship into THS.

3. All my previous positions were important, but I learned a lot about business relations and leadership in the chapter board and KL!

4. THS Future Spring Events!

Cornelia Haag, Architecture since 2019

1. As Union President I’m also part of KS!

2. Laying out a new 2-year operational plan & working on how THS should develop in the future! We have the chance to lay the foundation for the coming years.

3. Vice President in the Architecture Chapter. I learned how to listen to other people and perspectives, and work in the background.

4. The welcome ceremony in Stadshuset - that was when I felt like I had arrived at the Royal Institute of Technology!

Teo Elmfeldt, Engineering Physics since 2017

1. I want to be available for implementation of a lot of things I’ve been working on as Union President during the last year!

2. I want to support the new President and Vice President and Board with my skills and experiences without being in their way.

3. Being Education Responsible in the Physics Chapter Board - my first position of trust.

4. Banquets with live music and ballroom dancing!

Karl Arthursson, Engineering Physics since 2017

1. As Union Vice President I’m also part of KS!

2. I'm very excited for the new restaurant and event guidelines - a point of frustration for years, now it's finally time to get to work!

3. Being Financial Manager in the International Reception gave me a lot of new perspectives and experiences.

4. Diploma ceremonies in the city hall! It's really unknown but even new students can become marskalk/usher!

Emelie Skantz, Tekniskt Basår & Mechanical Engineering since 2018

1. I was Treasurer in the M-chapter but wanted to get a wider perspective, so I joined KF. Then this year, there was an empty seat in KS!

2. I hope we can be there whenever problems occur! I’m also interested in restaurant questions, especially with the new guidelines.

3. I don’t think I can choose! I learned a lot as Treasurer, had a lot of fun in KF, but I also loved working at the spex at M!

4. Visiting other spexes!

Amanda Andrén, Media Technology since 2017

1. I felt like I had a lot more to contribute to THS after my year in KL, but also wanted to try something new!

2. Creating more sustainable engagement, we don’t have that enough in THS yet.

3. I got all my knowledge about the organisation from my year as CFU (Head of Educational Affairs), but being in the board of my chapter was very important as well!

4. The KTH Firework Concert!

Malte Eriksson, Mechanical Engineering since 2017

1. I wanted to get a deeper insight into THS Central after working a lot in my chapter!

2. Improving the work of the election committee! I was in the committee before and heard that some things weren't going as smoothly as they could.

3. I’d have to say being President of the M-Chapter (Kungliga Maskinsektionen).

4. Ada - it is the finest banquet in the M-Chapter!

Vendela Folke, Architecture since 2017

1. As Union Vice President, I worked with a lot of very important things that span over more than one year... there’s so much left that I want to do!

2. Working on the implementation of the new guidelines for the restaurant and event operations.

3. Vice President of THS! It’s an amazing position, I’ve grown so much as a person during the last year and I’m very thankful for that.

4. Being an usher at the diploma ceremonies!

Publicerad: 2022-08-10

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