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KTH for Palestine demands that KTH follows its values and takes a stand

Raquel Frescia -

Lead by KTH for Palestine, a petition has been circulating within KTH to break all collaborations with Israeli universities and companies that have ties to the Israeli military industry, and to condemn Israel’s massacre of Palestinians and express solidarity with the Palestinian people.

Since October 31, 2023, KTH for Palestine has organised weekly walkouts every Tuesday at 11:30 am, standing at Triangelparken to protest against the injustices faced by Palestinians. On February 6, the petition, backed up by 283 signatures, was formally presented to Anders Söderholm, the rector of KTH. Since then, the petition has seen a remarkable increase in support, now boasting 384 signatures, a reflection of the growing concern within the KTH community.

The petition articulates a clear message: KTH must align its actions with its values – values based on democracy, human equality, human rights, and freedoms. The signatories demand that KTH sever all ties with Israeli universities and companies connected to the military industry, highlighting how such collaborations could inadvertently support the illegal occupation of Palestine and the oppression of its civilian population.

Moreover, the petition calls on KTH to publicly condemn the violence against Palestinians and to express solidarity in a manner akin to the institution’s response to the crisis in Ukraine. It urges KTH to advocate for a ceasefire, the provision of humanitarian aid, and the protection of civilians, drawing attention to the situation in Gaza, where the conflict has resulted in thousands of casualties and has devastated essential infrastructure, leaving millions displaced.

The petition underlines the contradiction between KTH’s values and its engagements, questioning how an institution that integrates the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development into its curriculum can overlook such glaring human rights violations. It reminds us that the struggle for Palestinian rights is not a matter of political debate but a fundamental issue of human rights, equality, and humanity – principles that KTH claims to uphold.

In its closing remarks, the petition calls for action. It encourages the academic community at KTH to inform themselves, participate in the walkouts, join demonstrations, and engage in meetings to further develop and actualise ideas for change. It’s a call to spread awareness and foster a culture of informed activism within KTH.

This petition, and the people behind it, highlights the role of academic institutions as not just centers of learning but as platforms for social justice and change. It challenges KTH to live up to its values and to use its influence for the betterment of global society, starting with the pressing issue of Palestine.

Publicerad: 2024-02-08

Ansvarig utgivare: Raquel Frescia
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