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A Day at Medias Branschdag

Camila Balcazar Lagues -

Camila Balcazar Lagues -

This past 16th of February the Media chapter’s career fair “Medias Branschdag” (MBD) took place in Nymble. The event was specially intended for the media technology, computer science, or machine learning students but everyone was welcome to explore the fair. Osqledaren checked out the 15 companies that presented themselves this year.

When entering Nymble it was hard to miss the yellow, black, and gold decorations that characterize the Media chapter and their career fair. Balloons and stands were displaying the 15 attending companies with every single one of them showing a piece of their work and essence to the students that visit the event. This year students got the chance to talk with representatives from Eyevinn Technology, Netlight, Prototyp, Carrus Network, Xlent, Topgolf, Epidemic Sound, Studdy Buddy, Sverige Ingenjörer, We Know IT, Sopra Steria, Folke & Partners, Sub Storm, and LinkedIn.

In conversation with Tom Boustedt, one of the project leaders of the event, he was happy about how the event turned out. This year, even though the companies were not actively recruiting as much, it was still a great success to have them. He mentioned that the key to this success was the hard work behind it by setting up meetings with companies and talking about their goals and how this career can be beneficial for them. They also face the fact that Armada is the biggest career event that KTH has, and a lot of the companies preferred to be there, so they had to put the focus on the conversation on what is different with this event. Overall he mentioned that it was thanks to all of the organization and teamwork that the event turned out successful. Tom also explains how the fair is organized, first, they divided the work into different teams which had a team leader that work collaboratively with others in their different areas.

I also had the chance to talk with Josephine Kuo, who is the current president of the Media chapter until June this year. In addition, this year she took the responsibility of being the Art Director of MBD. But this was not her first experience since she also was part of the event last year as PR. This year her main responsibility was to design all the graphics for the fair, from t-shirts to social media ads, and banners for the campus. When asked about the importance of this fair for the chapter she expressed that this event represents one of the main incomes for the chapter. Most of it gets reinvested for next year´s event but it is also used to finance fun events inside of the Media chapter during the year. But to her, this event represents a way of connecting with the students inside of the chapter as well as important companies in the media industry. For her, the most satisfying part was seeing the event unfold and being part of the organizing group, which in her words was “the fun part of it”.

Mariana and Aswath, both Media Management Master´s students, were happy with the event. Mariana particularly said that it was a good way to get to know companies she had never heard about. She also mentioned that this was a very insightful experience to learn more in-depth about what companies do. She was a bit disappointed in the fact that the companies did not have many job opportunities but to her, it was still good because she got to know about the recruitment process for companies she is interested in regardless of them not recruiting at the moment. Aswath was excited about getting gifts from companies - and was disappointed with not getting anything but water. He also compared his experience with Armada where he felt there were more companies actively hiring, and even the same companies that were at the fair today, he felt they had changed their approach and was dissatisfied with them not having open positions.

I also talked with a former Editor-in-Chief of Osqledaren, Simon Sundin, who this time was part of the fair representing Prototyp, a consulting company that focuses on developing solutions. He recalls his experience as a student in KTH studying media technology during the career fair, he remembers being very stressed and lost when attending the events so he said they were helpful for him to know what was going on in the market and what possibilities you have out there. This time he was a company representative and he said he was quite happy to get the chance to meet students and hear their ideas. As a former student, he says that fairs and clubs are a great opportunity to develop soft skills that later are very useful for work and life in general.

Overall everyone involved was very welcoming, from company representatives to volunteers. So if you have the chance to either participate in the organization or attend next year's event I would highly recommend checking the fair out.

Publicerad: 2023-02-20

Ansvarig utgivare: Raquel Frescia
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