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A very normal Union Council


How many student representatives does it take to start a new year at THS? KF, the Union Council, currently has 44 seats - and even though we missed a few chapters (namely Fria, IsB, OPEN, TBas and TT) in Nya Matsalen on Tuesday evening, the meeting promised to kick off the year with some bangers: a visit from KTH President Anders Söderholm & THS Inspektor Christer Fuglesang, elections, a 0,019hp course in economy and free food - what more could you want?

Student Journalism is Still Alive!


Throughout this year, one question about Osqledaren has concerned me more than anything else: why do we even print 10 000 of these magazines? Why do we need student journalism in this form?

Ansvarig utgivare: Benjamin Javitz
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