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Money, Money, Money

Benjamin Javitz -

Carl Housten -

Vendela Hamberg -

We asked 235 students about their finances, here are the results and some conclusions!

Some of the statistics will be compared to numbers in a report “Stockolm’s Student Budget 2022” by the Stockholm Federation of Student Unions, SSCO. Their budget comes to the conclusion that students in Stockholm make a monthly loss of 2 673 kr. To get their numbers they had to make a few assumptions and use broad averages.

Compared with their data, we can see that students at KTH pay significantly less than average students in Stockholm on study material. Another stand-out number is only two out of three students own long-term cards for public transportation- whilst SSCO assumes that a 30-day ticket is the most common ticket and believes that every student should be able to purchase one.

“Making a loss of 2 600 kronor every month brings an incredibly unstable situation for students. Students need to work parallel with their studies, which causes them stress and makes it difficult for them to complete their studies.” said SSCO Chairman Sofia Holmdahl in an interview with #studietid, the student union magazine at Stockholms University.

Some of our questions were derived from a report CSN made. They didn’t turn out very noteworthy, but they do show that our numbers are reliable.

Publicerad: 2022-04-07

Ansvarig utgivare: Benjamin Javitz
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