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Student Culture at KTH!

Studiesocialt ansvarig | Head of Student Social Activities, Emil Blocksjö -

Student Social Activities - that’s all the fun stuff that happens outside of your studies. Spex, parties, sports, pubs, gasques, board games and a lot of other activities for you to deep dive into when you arrive at KTH. There is something for everyone!

While studying at KTH, relief and rest from your studies is needed to stay healthy. That’s what student social activities are for! Student culture at KTH is flourishing after the pandemic and it’s a perfect time to get involved in all the student social activities at KTH. There are plenty of ways to get involved: the chapters at THS provide activities for people studying the same thing as you do, while the associations at THS provide a broad spectrum of activities where you can meet people from other programs. I’ve had a lot of fun during my time at KTH due to the endless possibilities THS provides.

THS is the Student Union at KTH. It consists of many Student Union Associations and 22 chapters. The chapters are organisations under THS which you are connected to depending on what you are studying. Most programs at KTH are connected to chapters at THS. For example, I started my studies in the Energy and Environmental Engineering Program, therefore I became a part of the W-chapter. The reception for national students is also organised by the different chapters, while the reception for international students is organised by THS International Reception.

Student culture at KTH is unique! Chaptershave access to their own locales on campus where they can study, do sports, organise pubs, party, play board games or other student social activities. Some of our most important traditions are the spexes, student clothing (such as overalls/ovvar, evening dresses/frack or morning dresses/jaquettes) and patch collection, the pubs, banquets and gasques.

Spexes! A spex is an interactive theatre where all the volunteers combine their talent to produce an amazing show. There is something for everyone to do at a spex such as singing, acting, building, painting, makeup and much more, and if you’re not interested in contributing, you should at least go and see the show! There are about 10 spexes within THS, some are connected to the chapters and some are central Student Union Associations. I was part of one of them for 3 years and it’s one of the most fun activities at THS. We also have our first international spex which the English Theatre Improv Club is organising with THS MAIN.

When visiting KTH, especially during the reception, you will notice all the older students wearing overalls and fracks and you will also be able to collect patches for your possible future student clothing. Each chapter and THS MAIN has their own type of clothing and some are sharing colors. You can collect patches at different events, but the most common ones can be bought at the chapter pubs.

Gasques! A gasque is a dinner party where students sing student songs, partake in gyckel (a short show for entertainment during the dinner), eat good food and have a great time. Gasques are one of the central parts of student culture at KTH and THS Central. The chapters also host these events and all the chapters have their local traditions during their gasques. Banquets, which are an important tradition as well, are a finer gasque where people wear suits, tuxedos and evening dresses depending on the occasion.

Student culture is thriving at KTH and you will have a great time! Just fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride! Don’t forget to partake in events and ask your buddies how you can engage in all the fun activities! All activities during the reception are voluntary and you never have to do something you are uncomfortable with. If something does make you uncomfortable you should always contact our Head of Student Welfare at or the Student Safety Representative at your chapter.

Publicerad: 2022-09-20

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