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Reelect in the Name of Democracy

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A clown is what they used to say. He’s got no chance, they thought. Who’s laughing now? You tell me anyone else who would have been able to do what he has done. There’s not a single politician out there who could have summoned up the greatness he has brought to our country. He reshaped the entire philosophy of the party: revolutionized it, we could say. I would even go so far as to claim he’s the greatest leader of the century!

We inherited an economy that had been subjected to the atrocities of the careless, inconsiderate, selfish, lying establishment Democrats who think they own Washington. They have been creating a systematic mess, integrating their crooked policies into our institutions for hundreds of years, just to hold on to power. These criminals have to go. We promised during the campaign to drain this swamp and we are well on our way.

Those dinosaurs, like the Clintons and the Bidens, you’re familiar with the names by now, they sure know how to talk and they have been telling us their dirty lies disguised as sickening political speech, but what have they ever really achieved? Democrats are good for nothing con -artists, it’s clear to see. Meanwhile, during the past four years, under our rule, the economy has never been doing better. Any economist can tell you, we fixed that GDP figure and our growth shows us that we are prospering again. Ladies and gentlemen, we are thriving! Unemployment was brought down to an all time low and the American people have benefited in every possible way from the first President who actually delivered on his campaign promises.

Our current president is the most patriotic, freedom loving, unifying, genuine American we’ve ever had. I’m just telling you the simple facts! Finally we’ve been liberated from anti-American deals like the Paris Agreement, which was a slimy way of hurting our economy which the left tried to sell as something positive because it’s green. Our latest achievement, in contrast, was saying goodbye to the World Health Organization, to whom we’ve been giving free money to for nothing! Enough.

Instead of following the leftist elite, who only think of themselves, we care about the people of this great country. We pay attention to what this nation really needs. Not only have we repaired the economics and the politics, but we have improved our security. On the inside, the Democrats prey on innocent citizens, but they also conspire with leaders beyond our borders. This Administration is tired of letting you live in fear, which is why we brought you the Space Force. It’s epic: no longer will we let Chinese and Russian technology spy on us, no, we are ready to defend ourselves and even go on the offensive if need be. We refuse to be suppressed, we will not be weak, this is America!

Under a Biden Administration, what has been a silent majority, will instead become the silenced majority. He will tell you that all the chaos in our country right now, the riots in the streets that are endangering our innocent christian children, are just peaceful protests, disgusting! He is a radical leftist snake who wants to defund the police, completely, and will only ensure that the madness of this time drags on indefinitely. The left would only benefit from a continuation of these antics and social unrest, so that we do not question their propaganda .

Our President has instead taken action: in Portland, Oregon this summer, we did what had to be done to keep people safe. What did the Dems do? Those undercover racists try to tell us that this is all for a good cause, it’s a necessary social revolution, but they’re simply using the Black Lives Matter banner to blindfold us. We will not let that happen! They’ve created these protests, spreading violence and seeding mistrust in our institutions, because they are afraid. They know that we are going to win this November. Their only hope of regaining control is by playing dirty and that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re setting up the election results to appear unreliable in order to claim an impossible victory. We’ve been trying to spare you from this attempted coup by delaying the elections. That would be the only democratic solution, but they refuse to give up and accept that they have already lost!

Their lies are not limited to DC politics and these protests are not the only example. They have no integrity, no restraints, when it comes to pushing their nasty liberal agenda. They’ve lit the whole U.S. West Coast on fire just to pretend that we need to talk about climate change! Can you imagine a real President promoting such a dishonest invention, constructing such a pathetic fallacy as climate change? It’s as if they don’t want America first. This is why it was necessary for us to reconstruct the politics entirely, both in Washington and in our beautiful country.

I need not repeat myself: the facts show the truth. Listen to us instead of the fake news. We were on a path to true American greatness until the Democrats pulled out their ugliest card yet. Insisting on conspiring with our worst enemy, they assisted in cooking up the China Virus hoax using their communist 5G technology just to counter our efforts. If it wasn’t obvious before, it sure is now: they will do anything for power. They didn’t care that the economy would be crushed, that people would lose their jobs and their lives. Locking down our country because of a fake threat, trying to blame it on us, under the premise that it is justified for public health. Do not be deceived by these twisted people! If they hadn’t interfered, we would still be on the path to true greatness! They’re desperately trying to steal the White House and they’re willing to do anything. I say, in the name of democracy and the United States of America, we cannot let that happen.

That’s why it’s essential this November that we vote for the only candidate who cares about you and about our citizens. A vote for us is a vote for a tremendous democracy. Thank you. Help keep America great!

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Publicerad: 2020-10-28

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