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Luciatåg on the Mimmer Stairs

Viveka Brockman -

Yaya Kawasaki -

Typically, the Luciatåg is held inside the KTH Library, welcoming all those who are interested in partaking in the Swedish tradition. Needless to say, however, the past couple years have been dramatically different, and such was also the case for the year’s Lucia procession.

One of the (few) positive effects of the pandemic was its power to promote outdoor options as alternatives. This 13th of December, the Luciatåg was organized as an open air activity.

Greeting the audience audibly, with wavelengths of warmth, the choir floated down the Mimmer’s Staircase. Right across the library, the Lucia singers lit up the musky morning with their musical performance.

The recently completed stairs serve as a site for social convergence, their wide steps encouraging congregation and conversation. As well as being welcoming, the staircase shows students into the upper courtyard, overlooking the iconic image of KTH: Borggården.

Contributing to the community feeling, celebrating Lucia on the Mimmer Stairs was a reminder of the light we need in the winter darkness.

Publicerad: 2021-12-18

Ansvarig utgivare: Benjamin Javitz
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