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Food Saving Apps

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Sweden and an expensive standard of living goes hand in hand. This is particularly hard for a student who lives in Sweden on a budget. Our generation has acquired the art of technology with the help of technology. Another thing that is synonymous with Sweden is sustainability. If we combine all three, life would be simpler. Food saving apps is a combination of all three. As a student these are the apps that you can use.

  1. Karma: It is one of the most popular apps used by students. The restaurants or café post food that they have surplus and unused and they sell it at a specific time of the day for a reduced price. It alerts users of deals in proximity to their location. As can be seen this is very sustainable as it reduces food wastage in addition to being student friendly. So, this is an app that is highly recommended not just in Stockholm but in entire Sweden as it is not location specific.
  2. Olio: This is also another student friendly app. They connect neighbors with one another and cafes or restaurants with customers. Similar to Karma, they post food that is excess or not used. As a result of this, the food is shared and picked up for free. The main difference between this and Karma is that food that is shared is completely free of cost. Added to the no cost, it is also sustainable as it helps in saving food and is very economical. Again, this is not available just in Stockholm, but the entire of Sweden.
  3. ResQ: This app is another variation of the Karma app where the restaurants or cafés post about their leftover food for a reduced fair. As a result, it becomes student friendly by being affordable. Furthermore, it is sustainable as it curbs food wastage by sharing food. So, this is also one of the highly recommended apps as it is not region specific. This app helps in identifying even the unknown shops that have excess food.
  4. Too Good To Go: Similar to the above mentioned apps, the restaurants and cafes post the food that is remaining for the day in order to avoid food wastage. They sell all these at a marginal cost which is budget-friendly for students. As can be seen, this app also promotes sustainability by reducing food wastage. So, this app is also another of the highly recommended one for students.

Publicerad: 2020-12-08

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