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Comedy, Chaos, and Culture — ET Spex #2


On 7 May, The English Theater Impro Club (ET) put up an amazing show at Nya Matsalen. Only the second English Spex, “They Will, Won’t They” brought the audience together to the 1960s to witness (and dictate) the lives of the Spinners. What happened at the Spex? What was the best moment of the spex? And was it every bit enjoyable?

Does my toaster work in the freezer?


Ever wondered how many bananas it takes to power a house? How many fireflies to match the brightness of the sun? Author, cartoonist, and engineer Randall Munroe was in Stockholm for his book “What If? 2”, a collection of some of the many intriguing viewer-submitted questions he answers on his blog “What If?”. Osqledaren interviewed him right before his book signing.

Ansvarig utgivare: Benjamin Javitz
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